Shoulder Warm-Ups Using Bands (FREE VIDEO)

Shoulder Warm-Ups with Bands

 I got some tight shoulders! To be honest, I struggle with my commitment to mobility but I know I need it! And to be honest, so do most of you.

 I have decided to dedicate a few moments each day to a short mobility warmup.  With a busy life like most of you, my workouts have to be efficient and my warmup has to be something I can do daily and not take a bunch of time.

 Try these

  1. Two Arm Dislocates x 5

Tip: Keep abs tight and ribcage down. Don’t extend through the spine as you go back.

  1. One Arm Dislocates x 5 each arm

Tip: Control tension with opposite arm

  1. Around the Worlds

Tip: Go slow to start. This can be tricky to learn.

  1. Band Pull Apart

Tip: Again, abs tight and ribcage down.

  1. External Rotations

Tip: Don’t be afraid to drop down to a band with less tension to get full range.

Hope this warmup helps! And I hope you look a lot more mobile doing it than I do!

  • Josh Ortegon, CSCS


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