[WATCH] Nutrition BLOG: Staying Compliant and Consistent Simply Explained

“Compliant and Consistent”

The word “compliant” is a word we all have issues with. Specially those who are “rebellious” in their heart.

But if you want to lose weight, you MUST be compliant with your program.  I don’t care what plan it is, if you work with a coach or if you are just looking to cut fried foods out of your daily eating, the one way I can guarantee you will fail is if you do not adhere to the program.

The key? Find a plan that fits within your lifestyle and STICK TO IT.

The other word that is hard for us to come to grips with is “consistency”. We live in a world where a majority of people QUIT when things get tough.  My challenge to you would be to stick to the plan for 21 days! Two days of a plan is NOT being consistent. Do it for 21 days to a month!

I promise, if you still to a plan that fits your lifestyle for 21 days you WILL NOT want to go back to your previous lifestyle.

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